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EcoEne HHO Generators

EcoEne Gas System (patented), a new complex fuel wherein the oxyhydrogen gas is mixed in a nano-state which drastically increases combustion efficiency through the catalytic effect of hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O), thus achieves fuel saving and CO2 reductions. Unlike conventional methods in which mixed injection of fossil fuel and oxyhydrogen gas was performed with an ignition nozzle, this method mixes gas into liquid fuel, allowing system devices to be compact, economical with no concern for flashback, and can be used with safety in mind.

  • EcoEne Gas Generator for Fuel Saving

  • EcoEne HHO Gas Generator

Applications of EcoEne Gas Generator:

  • Supplied to steam boilers, hot water boilers and combustion furnaces
  • Supplied to incinerators, rotary kilns and drying furnace
  • Supplied to large engine power generators, compressors, large vessels and large vehicles as a fuel