Fuel Oil & Water-in-Oil Emulsion Additives

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Fuel Oil & Water-in-Oil Emulsion Additives

Our company is the market leader in supplying various fuel oil additives like slurries, organo-metallic sulfonates and carboxylates.

MgO additives are used to combat Vanadic and Sulphur corrosions while firing heavy oil and light crudes in boilers and gas-turbines.

We have our own team of experienced combustion specialists, chemists and maintenance team to follow-up the treatment.

We can provide best performing additives according to budget and clients' choice. We guarantee the results.


We have a technology to make emulsified fuels from heavy fuel oil and diesel. Emulsified fuels are made in-situ either in-line or stored in day tank. Emulsified fuel improves combustion due to secondary atomization as described below:

Burning emulsified fuel:

  • Improves combustion and saves fuel
  • Reduces soot down to 60 - 80%
  • Reduces NOx according to water percentage
  • Requires less excess air

Combustion Catalysts

Our combustion catalysts will reduce soot down to 30 - 50% and improves efficiency.