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    Fuel Oil Additives for HFO fired Boilers and Gas Turbines
    Water-in-Oil Emulsion Technology for HFO fired
    Boilers and Diesel Engines
    (Agents wanted for other countries)
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    Specialty Chemicals for MSF, MED and RO Desalination Plants
    Phosphonate and Maleic Acid based Antiscalant
    (Agents wanted for Other countries)
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    Environmental Solutions
    Stack Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)
    Discharge Water Monitoring System
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    Clean Energy Hydrogen Eco System
    20% Fuel Saving Technology
    (Agents wanted for Other countries)
Welcome to Al Dousor Int. Co. Ltd

Various Types of Fuel Oil Additives for Boilers, Turbines and Diesel Engines

Combustion Catalysts

HFO and Diesel Oil Emulsified Fuels

Supply and technical services for different kinds of antiscalants and antifoams for RO, MSF and MED Plants.

Chemical Cleaning of Boilers, hard difficult to remove scales of Desalination Plants and various types of process equipment.

Different Types of turn-key gas plants like CO2 and Hypochlorite Generators

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Ground Level Emission Monitoring Systems (GLEMS) and Portable Gas Analysers

FGD and various types of Scrubbers like Venturi, Activated , Other Chemical Scrubbers and Dust Collectors.


NDT & Metallurgical Projects pertaining to failure analysis and remaining life assessment of boilers, steam lines and turbines.

Chemical Dosing Systems & Storage Tanks